About Us

ITBON APPAREL Inc. is headquartered in Miami, USA. Designed clothes, handbags, hats, shawls, socks, jewelry and other products will vary from seasons. IT has a deep understanding of the selected target consumer groups. Based on the establishment of high-quality, necessities needs of modern women to determine that the city women as core, reflecting the trend of integration in the classic, simple but with details, perfect Interpretation of modern urban women of elegance, tasteful, fashion sense, to meet their work, leisure and a variety of occasions in dressing needs. They are introverted, not publicity, have their unique aesthetic taste. They are enterprising, eager to high quality living, the pursuit of business and family balance. They are wonderful, rich life experience, so that they are more profound understanding of life. The pursuit of a unique style of printing design, is that they promote the final embodiment of the brand story.

British Shops:  Oxford Circus, London, W1W 8LG                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Nippon Shops: Segu Qushengongqian4-12-10
Singapore Shops: Sommeray Subway Station, Singapore